Friday, November 16, 2012

five poems || Vernon Frazer

Alternate Routing

concise detour
normal deathbeds added

on every step the donkey head

confined scraps
in handsome uniforms
question the circus


neither alteration
observed the entire party

the gate and ends inquired

able to guess the backs
admitted course editing


newspaper following the roadside

another light
inquired the cavern stones

the note fastened
clumsy daylight advancing
to the box in silence

Defying an Order

whenever you commanded
thought to struggle
excess blundering declared
serpentine shaking

surprised wind
crowder cries looking around
so brightly

after the gate and ends continued
residing sides of music reached the news
distributed infinite groaned emotion

isolated daylight howling
perturbed from whenever
penetrating money came
clutching problem hammer

experienced pulp
swimming peacefully in Samoa


bombast rockets throttle arsenals
loot the pocketing source at terminal
vendors pent cold notions rooted
in complicit shrubbery vacuums hidden
under breath allowed intrusion turned
modeling behavior as frocks tarnish
under the gloomy transits flayed
decibel awnings for plated servants
working assurance yields to cotton
couched verbatim rollers ossified
persona graters at shrapnel weddings
shale to varnish lead isles venting
portal entry garners passport fashion
oral as elastic livery’s pocket bottles
grifted weather vain as a mirrored entry
burning rubber monologues as breath
surrounds the bold ration sent to loop
the rue whiplashes to fronton dropping
where names would normally suffice
for breakage whatever the entourage
faucet unveiled new serpentine plumage
tailored to loom through shadow tracts
declaiming facetious ombudsman
chores elastic venue polish applicants
before classic renewal centers enhance
pocket bottles rattling seminal departures
drawn intent boldly looted vales implicit
in the yawning fabric fashioned room
announcements depart the airwave
crescent bottoms vary locked dawns
in the gorge of a fawning afternoon
gone wry in the telling or sly as well
as a simile would like or truly care
untold whereabouts slowly known
grappling ventures through the sky
or tendered moot in the coddle sail
anointed court or portly otherwise
stand still donuts drip shale regal
as bandana raiders aping banditries
the dermal fortress longings uproot
daring spotted at the artful core
while riffing seance busters hatch
moribund fascination complaints
jettison planing sonic uproar weevil
custard mosaic font posture landing
above all oil feldspar hammocks
paper rock scissors through cliches
while stone cobra locks trundle
off the ocean passport sonata bagel
ramped to pure deflation or indigent
coffer brats elated simply belonging
justified as their lines progress edge
roughened a space once crowded
a room full of lonely pachyderms
archly defraying condor mania
replays orchestral deviation spoons
clattering portly turned dotty bulls
shopping china with a four-score
rhetoric force upheaval proclaimed
category door tamed numerical seizures
hoarding easement vindication lather
giving no indication of boarding turf
before hortatory rerun massacres accrue
lower ratio dipping power plies roil
new feather benders at reflux adders
coiled to strike bile platter at the stake
of a claim denied poultry access
roots incumbent on leisure’s booty
calling all corollary armature frogs
legging homeward stilts renewed alike
and lain poultice against splint porn
glued to the commissar lantern vacuum
barred from inappropriate dismay
in public adversaries clogging water
bridging emissaries bottled coastal regions
aforementioned for preceding subtraction
along the herpetological phylum command
transfers betterment property vintage
bland as asylum stew made motile brand
then left for thread to albatross needles
implied in candle ceremonies unmatched
for darkness coring explicit claims undone
while lame precursors wore their names
to leather frayed at the verse’s plaid edge
whether or not the plunging legends burst
scrotal insignia volumes bulled past nodal
symmetries parted at central reduction
tactics blistered identity fodder listeners
tuned in to the word of the master voice
casting fish loaves to the music their scales
retract when pressed against bottom burns
arterial schemata lessons learned to left
breaded entries for crusty bosses twined
implicit as a title reference would allow
flagrante delicto cashiers to varnish
fine losses handled dreadfully and then
vary plane times wearing the future grid
padlocked to past doors knocking fast
impressions deleted to lather the hopeful
detergent entries slotted for lotto frets
a bar at a time across the city’s crawl
to pabulum bedtime rites a slow rise
of detractor sightings read coldly under
threat of shadow in the foreground night
elixirs dancing scalpel tunics whetted
for dry laughs at entry parties gathered
the rate of pocket furrows grasped
claws climbing portrait thoroughfares
needles ensconced in washer fillet
clambered tattle feathers dating back
returns crossed through a garbled century
feted for its achievement of nonchalance
that left unquestioned without an exit guide
to see them out the tunnel to street maps
crossing matrix blooms well-humored
in the frescoes of the frozen mentors
crying plumed regrets for lost sequins
converged in sonorous tingling emerging
harmonies raffle the baffled entry stag
left behind the ruins shaping their absence
a choral stampede’s glowing oscillation
murmuring past turmeric vesicle harbors
glowing lumbar allegro fashion suits
toward stilted arbiters wiling to ward
off central vacuum plunges passioned
burro snatchers below abduction’s climb
declare betrayals adamant that compassion
batted omnibus tether wedges incarnate
after lashing succulent diversions past
their clashing fishnet bio converters
where limbs shorten lunge implosions
module fossil granule stompers load
corpulent declension masters vast
as the other lode rescinds invention
cartilage umber notwithstanding dosage
or its combative restrictions abducting
cryptic filter varied materiel secrets
among romantic weekends islanding
crossed shore figurines limpid granite
notions upheld accrued strata vendettas
for grandstand pelota grander than
glad-handing amours past throttle nuance
a bevy of pledges left uncast on the site
where barriers turn courier hazing to
willing the messenger path of black ice
slipping toward the dream of a glad return
where nuance loses the thread of its fabric

The Thinging Itself

peristaltic amenities
mangrove tangent burning
flange to fly its danger

echo pyrite’s broken charm
tubes amphora shaker music
chiseled against the runic sun

distempered magic alarms
deflect insistent plenitude badgers

caustic appendage messaging
worn limbs to carom limber danger

instant reckoning vital duende charts

a matter of faction retained
instant reflection better supplied
eclipse a congenital tangent

replicating thought as worded deed

The Truth Shall Make You

aporia turned linchpin swagger
acetate removal reference on demand
for larger tentacle sheep in dollars
waged to foreground a praxis aging
template choosers blue-haired in the wind
or their temporal implosions raftered
lotion crafters welting from pyramid burns
shattered closure as eventual fortitude
defrayed polyglot trampoline enclosures
fear amid shipment relations euphoria
quickens the granite pulse to deference
interred often before loquacious rudiments
wander scuttled table settings apropos
to security blanketing precarious flagellant
masters of the block trade gone tirade
over tamper cove appliance vectors bartered
in cold template currency molded along
variant legato lines keeping proper nouns
circulating among the plague sisters inciting
matterhorn summation axioms to riot
gear shifted paradigm cremation strata
motivators blast nearby panel modulators
launder their public affairs pragmatic
under the launchpad key an exorcising
stakes plates when beveled to dodge
the tapestries of consequential fortune
elated at their escape to wonder salons
lunging vertebral filter magnets forward
as the first line to launch a good offensive
thirst when need passes the channel
to palm writhing stilt remissions bursting
unplayed melody shards when fragmented
night lines gather particle sizing for alms 
to the porous lighting the casual path
more causally than logic allows a tenet
behind on rent asunder payments
cleft palace or shadow tent emission
after the shapes arrived to squander
hostile barter when bold staples bent
surly aftermath who triggered where
the revelation along the proxy footpath
squandered no epiphany for the taking

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