Thursday, November 8, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Angel to you twice, and beams on leaves. Whose gleam restores
when flint is left at bedside. Thus you whisper to an individual who breathes you, limiting the lifeline at least once. Gone pliable in trade for fifth edition. Who among us lives to falsify endemic shoulder pads? The act of clinging to persistence changes how platonic rinses will be applied. If you can shimmer while majorities among us stray. Line drawings of discarded wood reduce their roles of porch boards. Skim feeling drains the milk from lantern feasts that shield from darkness this collective. When we energize, we full-on wall off other futures. Clients in the classroom mimic speed. Known limb by limber customary practice, one of us gone dim to furniture, simply to stare then sit, then shy away.
Stamina, rotation via angles at degrees named forty-five or ninety

Sheila E. Murphy

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