Tuesday, November 20, 2012

prose poem || Edward Nichols

       Down delving into the wlles of depression. Firetweed flirts with compassion mysogyny. Caricutuers of macabre representation reillustrate the torn patterns of objectivity oroduce their own payyern of swirling ambitions dichotomies lanquishing in denial of reality.
        Subversion of the supersrructure envelope the media-text missfiring all the way.Procreative regenerative contacts the segue to resurgencie in a
concommital dolletante fabricating the fragments of reality. Sour jungles reiterate the threshold of the subconscious dilemna of transferred fragments transmorgified sordid despair in the face of the world. filibuster ramparts triangulate at the morbid cesspool of creation.
        Disfunctions conjugate at crossroads of departure emanating in thorough corruption of thev evolution of tense string theories. Saturation points and embryonic satiation of whole terrestial information proliferating astoundingly. Let bygones be dust floating in creative anti-oxidants freely coming at completion of the depletion of monarchs dopamine flooding the enttire system show by show.Blow by blow.
Exegenics epitomize the laceration of computed lunar advertisements conspiratorially change the foremat at dalliances left in gnostic caves,bruhing amay delinquent coefficiencies conflagrating at two par secs rejumbling the laws of physics. 
        Balancing the burnt embers solidyfying the robust consequences of reluctance.

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