Monday, November 26, 2012

poem || Peter-Sherburn Zimmer

autobiography as other
13529                         nothing matters but the quality
13530   of the affection---
13531   in the end---that has carved the trace in the mind
13532   dove sta memoria
13765           "How is it far, if you think of it?"
13994                        "How is it far, if you think of it?"
14412                  How is it far if you think of it?
sheep for the Phoenician ship
out of Troia metallic memory
on the glistening imagination
I heard the gold you voice
melting in the furnace
memory melts all
misery melts all
alloyed of pasts together against no visitation
    together no armoire
against amour
to hold no weapons against weeping
They made alphabets out of broken syllables
Hittite? Amorite?
added to loss of memory at the eastern coast of the 'known' world
how is
it we are always so far a way ,
how is it ?  
time's bell does not ring
   on the wine dark sea

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