Friday, November 30, 2012

novel excerpt || John Pursch

Montauk Chair

Zooming down the LIE, Bobby sleeps androidal, pending clovered rebirth. Bedside Momo checks lobotics: “Level-six handoff, Montauk Ejection Seat, Build 49, Lola hits Lost Animals, bodies from Groin Zorro…”

Well past sunrise, ambulance in lighthouse shadow, RFK’s in Montauk Chair, Lung Island wired for time-lock flange to perfect hair, radiosonde through fading ribs, dust blown out, rippling seaboard waking widows, Nude Hamster purple iridescent, sunlight dims, whiff of lighthouse sag, buoys submerge, and Bobby’s gone downstream, sizzling narrow lapels, aural flashbacks, bygone estuaries, flecked lagoon crabs, husk of old factories, jaws clenching, features blurring, cyborg shouts above the wind scream: “Marilyn!”

Wormhole seams in trellis lounge, hidden toggles spool emetics, gorgonzola skeet, mustard gypsies, boardwalk calamities, ornery radish moles flicking switchback silk eye patch, octal turncoats seep nodal incrimination, altitude sentries pleating daily hambone ruins, treasured siege cavorters chipping plucked canary cries from pylons of chase, hermaphrodites held hostage by lingering foals, croutons implying sorted goop, reversion welts eroding stained glass cinders, molten memories chilling grass suitors for ankle jaws, retrograde bifurcation’s tossed anvil eulogizing torn tree-line shrouds from bulky whisks, K-Series broiler plunging fowl probity’s approaching stove, staged anger reveling in urgent glaze, screwball torsion encroaching on busty termagents, superannuated toroidal mops sweeping forward gills to atrophy in sponges, gargoyles swooping merits on toppled zebra claims, cloaked empresses inciting sloppy lugers to rifle beseeched Whigs for centennial hogs, mooching xylophones clicking sweaty odor moats, lacquered broaches scamming immaculate caramels from plastered cauldrons, dallying telephone condoners ordering wine tasting, blunt umbrage splitting nestled sprees, cored hamburgers blasting enfeebled candy corn honers with serendipitous truculence, stench dissolvers pleading for orphanage craters, nebulous steamers wheezing for covered flagons, guzzling dosage jocks in bridled chests of truth tickets, motley wire wrappers hinting at yeti lagoons, entry-point salvage doors pining for deckhand stones, calling choruses chomping on trusty redcoats, oily sailors tying off on naughty pineal sands, igloo torts amending fortunate weathermen, ghoulish cowls subtracting integral fovea, frottage freezing chelated knees, sobbing blocks of candor ingratiating Marx, slips of teatime bagatelles unwrapping punks, swallows turning public anathema, eulogizing menses, choleric childhood catapults caressing crazy satyrs, eighty ominous optometrists grieving bellies left to grottos, chronic sturgeon trolling driven wayfarers, formulaic trickles splattering complaints, ocular repasts in racked Mombasa crill, goofballs tasting sorbet from phalanges carved in gangrene, mystified human exits, tragedians breathing conquered steel, imminent halo eaters scooting over splinters, Draconian lottery magicians pickling weeping grandfather lockets, gloating shunners in popped hominy, ritualized granules fit for bicameral truce, emissaries scudding under leavened spies, shooting eclairs, probationary deer enticing traveling crews to undermanned vestments, albino henchmen imitating gored peonies, whelps befitting columnar pleas, embarrassing serrated xanthan weeks, pouting celebrities on mounted filth, erstwhile tankards sporting mechanical strops, bobbled sots guessing cash greetings, amanuenses cooing fluted periwinkle upstarts with tiny cheddar tees…

Raw-feed cryptic aftermath to retinals deep in tunneled Dearth show time-spin ground to clarity, injected florid airburst, Bobby nodding, acclimated tundra kids intent on loopers, foreign Texans, beleaguered effluent, central ash in tourmaline encoding, sipping warm gaffer’s milk, falling through why corruption, bath-oil bleepers, eyed toroidal scepter glutes… Winning Cauliflower Primary, Shearhand Squared pinned to steam table, Ethane Imogene Seesaw in Grossy Rear hug, safely out Impassedor Hotel, private hovercar away: “…Now it’s on to She’s Cargo and let’s win they-a…”

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