Saturday, April 27, 2013

text || Lawrence Upton

Enthusiasm and perseverance
[Multivoice, orchestrated improvisationally; workshopped, not rehearsed]

Reactions to eternity, empowered by farewells, interest in bringing sight.
Making; terrorists are going to call, invested with farewells.
Rage breaks, an exciting adventure that takes an inviting adventure from the mouth. In the end. Feelings that could smash creatures. A long time for physical freedom. Shot through the windscreen. Against writing, an illegal discharge. Stupidity in a tradition, hot through against writing; an illegal discharge, into good doubts. And the doubts into the papers happening to enemies.
The enemies translating most exciting linguistic developments. The enemies?
Translation is to depart. To depart, against the past? One could make sense. Rage at rest. Stupidity, rather. Going to your creature, the soul the word. The malevolent flash, tricky from power.
Trying to guess breaks down.
Conflict of your face, see the face of your creature, instantaneously feeling overwhelmed, your noisome wasted wings.
Physical suffering as incantation unforeseen melting making to invade reproductive rites. An exciting linguistic development. Omit the disability. Out of control. Temporal farewell for secret going.

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