Friday, April 5, 2013

poem || John Pursch

Form From Form

Twiddling bindles haul sidebars
to loaf compression meets,
sandbag cochlear madmen
with therapeutic rhythm,
and singe harmonic turrets
in deep-fried alley whey.

Volunteering for sunset,
crews enable moored delectables,
filling turtle heads with thumps
of disheveled beachball bowels,
slipping out to sorbet seas.

Collapsible drains tail swollen dreams,
lifting daylight stamens beyond
a sceptered grappling hook,
saddling porous cacti
with landmark ague,
spinning into Tuesday.

Gloves subtract flint formation
from formaldehyde lagoons,
impressing sunny dais detractors
with magma grazers,
pining for tie racks.

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