Wednesday, April 10, 2013

poetry || Lewis Gesner

from Cataphonic Gong

mustard pack
a spattering of angelic mucilage
hasn’t seen a scale
within the period
of the spinning

there was a
red ball falling
in the funnel
when we fled

my farm’s metal robins
hatched but still in tightly coiled
finds valves releasing on the warm
from where it sits
the leg

blends owls fate with study, precision
slippers tractor tread,
minds an acre garden
tended snail

construction waste processor,
pills and cosmopolitan
embankments, banners, toy sail

the winding and the rubber menagerie
consultant times
and comprehend
the concept show

the graves of manufacture and
close cropped

slid on the banister
had used one lid
the top of stoves
and propane
bored through with worms, the must and
convoluted punishments
all five lights come on
and celebrants exposed

from the small accumulations
disabled smells
orchid other premise, weed kill,
poison ivy,
seasoned cutting board floor
begins to feel the thicker air
deposit striking zone
and ore

divulging in a treatment
through the measured packet
divine objectivity

formerly the rites of
the iniquities I know
repeat until the pieces
are so small they suck away

in the first and empty bin
remotes complete and ready
shielded from imprinted leaking
one that secretly is
held aside

rolled and crawled, undulated and wobbled, then asides a transparent bag of bird seeds, returns to squirm

ill fed

stationed scolded fats
baseboard heat
variously hot pebbles

bulb crop,
disrupt meaning
bronze trigger
hold in teeth the bit which
spreads a mask across a burning field at night

had invented the free standing file
carried a protein product in its belly for a child

had elongated pinchers beside
recessed mandibles

older shanker of the
past ungraces unfrozen
stirring now

probation of
similar retreat
urban glow

wrapping, under conclusion
bindery, trickling meditation
on the target of the other
person’s thought

sleep’s trap,
collapsing panels

the saint tummy welts

slather take it away
aware at the orange bucket
take it away
a different pose

more I feel, the twisted cob frame,
rewards where on the spray the instant manacle
can inside a concentration course then comprehend
the list of dozen moments when the pinch
can pull the suit aside, enough
and see before its rubber bounces back
and spend the rest between the horror of repair

batters some range depends
shoulder round, slump
embraced, the additive ribs
consumed, and barley
bas relief, worn

abundantly in attaining edges
and the disintegration of the spirit

the rise rose recompression capillary
bright the flower burst
comes the stem

after this the proud one also comes

rips the thistle from Saturn

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