Thursday, April 4, 2013

poem || John M. Bennett

Shot Mirror

dog .lint. o field sea
the reader socks an
offal mountain sh
apes the armselv
revnce habits dis
solve the adhesive
.lint. tree among
the rubber page the
mask laundry salt
and .lint. vestige
of a trembling sho
vel where the
camapox ,spins
,cats ,cosmic box
.lint. selaching lat
her or a loot sto
mach car pet wri
tten in the stool .l
int. your life less
bubble your bean
pox text rebellion
chocholatl and X
tension .lint. ,w
raps the arf e
lite the whi stle
d shadow roiling
in a shr oud a
corncob gakitalism
flailing in the
cacademia .lint. sky
oil throaty books
crank beneath the
logos fluor peni
escent nsula ,bomb
,par ade .lint. swirly in
your eye 1962 rem
ember blowtorch
sleeping in the taco
where your scrib
bled teeth sh
ine in .lint. ni
.tnil. ni sopyt
desnir ni kcolc the talk...
- Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Ainto No Sentence,
Book 41, 2013

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