Tuesday, April 23, 2013

poetry || John Pursch


Trenned houdt abie sonely eiphea scharte humple 
taweerd ezemrian grelphine prine imius curtagion, 
gwephting ienure einium toaphloghium tructurfe, 
hempean garabular prochtie. 

Negsting buonoze, 
tasky’s haffelgent awmie barniuld maudler, 
scrushendie undirtled phramilie whodwe 
driet sewharto slouve, terear, 
teschemphaus bloabondo 
haboutheadeliot phlier dafreiveil. 

Puddlefornog hebberly 
glostjuanuvum whardle entrounie, 
asplutterem seizuary spegtagle, 
blubtie hupcabbery kneepackular 
phrenscam jourgle, esquandrilled 
tudaramdorian harromi scarriot 
propulary mildge. 

Chiwalidy jumbin, 
treddlebie scharloafium schouldge, 
glearinup gerfardles, hopstodaisies 
intrainian spoutsanduble, creacthean 
meirblie whorlebripal enderspies, 
whougen treimelax nullite effied 
tragmendony poudge, ochtumien 
twelforgone patreisuva slaptockoter 
philiodorito toematch adgie, quent 
traithe flom plostium nowt.

Whale Regard

Garrulous reenactors 
entrain a thought of penury 
in planned ulterior phonemes, 
cradling coastal carriages 
in bibliographic milt.
Village sycophants 
entertain an airy loon’s 
ominous churchyard musings, 
spilling leggy pylons down 
saturated vinyl undertows. 

Internal doggy bags erode 
quickly into threaded ease, 
disavowing memorized quartets.
Quonset putters mutter abruptly, 
chafing at shed whereabouts, 
hoping for officious gruel. 

Rowboat overtures 
bend in fanatical umbrage, 
echoing frenetic distension’s 
luminal hopscotch motet, 
hankering beneath a grazing cloud. 

Plywood contents munch 
between urged flanks, 
slowly encroaching, 
ominous in forethoughts 
of newly sentient seasonal quakes. 

Gutters reduce to molten oceanic gist, 
lapse in minimal daze, and fuse above 
a scudding novena’s final trance. 

Ashen pain’s bespattered episodes 
of scintillating lawn convey 
effulgent inner battle, striated 
to jellied whale regard.

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