Monday, April 15, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

Black With Wolves

I understood that she was shining, black with wolves. I understood... Virginia’s hair, eyes, or maybe only her head hair and the hair on her brows and eyelids, were shining black with wolves. Every hair on every wolf there was black, and shining…Their loveliness did them no good... They won’t get along in this world.

When we will have given rise to suspicions in their minds we will not be so well treated... We had better write about them.

"We will do nothing of the kind. You too would shine black with wolves."

Had I written THAT about you I would have made their mouths WATER. I am delighted you have got on in this world. Be careful of the looking-glass… Do not appear before your glass when you are shining black with wolves; after having unsettled them you’d try to console them.

"Why do THEY not offer us SOMETHING after having made our mouths WATER..."

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