Friday, October 26, 2012

2 texts || Edward Nichols

        He trumped the trumpeteers sir charge and ran around in resplendent glory,(just for the heck of it).Then back from the front and evverybody ran around behind him, then back around in front of him he to.
After the jiggling janglers ran back of the trumpck around in front of him he kicked one in the arse and said,' There  you are with highkicks and hijinks and instantaneous fornication-
go back around to the forefront and rear front  and every other kind of front along with inclementious imbibers. 
         Then came the forefront gallant around again for another time and the whole circumspectial
gallantry blew away like the wind.Then the electric fencemaster,let the land of the trumped up trumpeteers keep on trumping the sidewinders until the posthole diggers run rampant in despite of and respite of
the inciter of the inviter at the exhibitor of the exhibitionism of prohibition of tht was a good time for all.e instiller of installments. In the background the inclementious imbibers ran along the highroad with instantaneous fornicators who ran
along the fence row of fortuitous incidence.The whole trailer hitch went off without one and he drank 
his tea strong and dark.
          Plummage of the great Buzzard ran along thoroughfare of irrepute, disconsolidated masterfare warehouse for the pinch of the pension.
           The whole thing was like this,the forefront gallant and the backward gallant was all gallantly streaming as the whole thing waved on. Truant officers,(and there was never a truer one).Things were bobbing along at a snails pace but at least it was a good time for  all.
           Once while chillingout on a huge iceberg the anctartic conditions were like a new-clear day for as far as the eye could see. Tommy-toe knockers were wranglingaround in the western-mire. Tea-toasters were like rambunctious ramblers rambling in the treismeister in the erogenous zone of(they put up yield signs and go for broke). So,the sojourner went on along his way and the perambulator percolated like the per-channel constructivists site for all intensive purposes.
             So,the allied alliance of aleatoric reminisciences was all the more for the simple reason that they knew the score and a whole lot of other musicales.

  Exergenesis proponents of caterwauling contingencies reproductive inducement. Cleans the douche will snap off the diadem orthogenesis. It feeds, it grows, it settles comfortably into your molecules and occupies them,it retrains your whole body, and takes command. It tells you what to do and when to do it. Backwards inside of you, you can hear the noise inside of you, static, but you know what it means. 
          Hot tracks inside of you, static, but you know what it means. Undergo the transformation severe lacking of control in lamentation of second frazzled shelf upon a tuck and nip the surface ongoing progress of secular instigation approaching attainment level 23, stopping at nothing short of total control of hydrated landfills containing previous beauty, indescribable controversy,aborted fetus' shellshocked reclusionary devices fabricate the scene of overwhelming consensus of the death of a great friend,who really has them anyway,card yielding pedestrians servicing the delinquent
subterfuge of Krishna who I'm honoring with 
succulent words you can taste and hear as they massage and explode through your head. Examples of which I can't show you because I can't record them-you'd need a whole notebook to contain one word. 
         Servicing the rat-race with bustles in the hedge-grow at variant  speeds that explode at decibels to loud to hear. Speakers of the subliminal broadcast says you're not really reading this, you are reading what's really here,hear the downstairs footsteps rattling in your subconscious, with keys,unlocking  doors that contain hidden archetypes. Calamitous going ons if the Id gets unlocked,opened Pandoras Box and found cremation ashes.
           Tantamount to inhalation of solve the problem by listening to The Rite of Spring,or,the 'Rights of Springs', either one.

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