Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 poems || Hugh Tribbey


Prior tap grinding flat plate
Lapping toilets tailings 
Jiebao hydrogen carbonate ball
Self-assembling cast-iron
Actuators bladder inoculum
Limousine cassette gas
Airwalk polarized porpoise mantra
Decanter substrate Fabian
Guestbook electrolyte meter
Swarovski Renn sub A

striptease tactic in closeted know
anus really moves
alphabet rumblingly moxie
justificatory anal microplating
grid unscathed nomads
optical own longer
once-over whoosh lunged-for

spurt thin ice care knee
hypermoolah amblio-microbal tenderer
up rubs neat
optical own longer
resentment aggressive taskmaster
smack tuning intractable checkered keepsake


metal when on sliding
 possible melodrama ruin teeth
and as him skinny j
aw kind all storm stress as  crooked
 and  in zombie the last silk
you’re in buttons tug crooked tug
aesthetics fifty to tug protect
convent 40 portable militant
skinny convent skinny fur but  to and
all the cement sliding did tug
fur a thousand just the ruin
veil will as relations
kind in all Pressing
weight white skinny
silk denim as kind muzzle
still teeth the him zombie as
knees all when ruin hobby aesthetics
the copper purl pain tug when
but in a copper to metal
plain pain


undershirt lids
lids burnished
undershirt up
burnished yellow
awake rein morsel
normal nom up banging
logged-off moon rain
boredom rings boredom
meat refusal undershirt
exposed man burnished
man utter arms up umbrels
umbrels logged-off bone
room boredom relievers
tethered banging
retribution undershirt
several normal nom up
exposed man rain boredom
rings relievers umbrels
bone room undershirt
lids west seems to be boredom
meat refusal undershirt
utter arms up umbrels
logged-off awake
rein morsel banging


adheres retaliatory mimic
lights artificially mess perpetrators
endangers gawk gluey
interval cell-disbanding epiphenomenon
skimcoat thin investor cortege kiosk
trivia undo moxie babble less eyelash rocket
elusive glandhand gloss
rank admits temblor

close-ups oddly feeling father enter Esalen
read absent touched
opens whooses look
weaving armoire toe chromatically honeycomb
line-up aggregate maul provost
envy gowns ghost
Yalta odds unison torso heart


aspect ritual magician
lens arouse magical primary
energy group go
independent control energies
short talk important complete King’s
trained underdeveloped mind belief lubrication end response
experimenters go glimpse
results achieved techniques

called obedience frequently freely edition else
religion abuse take
others worries light scrape
wiring aspects true cover huge
local adult magazines props
existed gods given
young only using temples heard

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