Monday, October 29, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Tout the round versus spear-angled fonts. These softer yield
commensurate plaisir. The dream allows daylight to interfere.
Adrift with slivers of young light, thought avoids fracture.
To a man, reads circumference. The human frame, made smooth.
Consensus is not speed read. Reason primes recency, until
location repeats itself. Whatever has been small fills
space with plumpness now. A whistle of a caveat demeans
full shadow. Place suffices. When in short supply, a barrow
comes to fill unspoken longing. One's own mission casts aside
the leverage pointed toward infringement. Daytime maturation
slides into flat open placement. Damages refrain from being
caught on film. Potential intersection means a Venn encompassing
the two. Enclosure sames its way to difference. In a short
vault, held for all posterity.
Whim, deliberation, documents
Sheila E. Murphy

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