Friday, October 26, 2012

poetry || Matt Margo

algorithmic erasure poems

            for Scott

When pimpin’ prunes stress but can’t imagine
What delayed layman’s terms waste time

Please mother please tell me the directions

To any open airport
Fuck in carnival car

Sun’s injured
Sound engine

Listing your brain
Listening your breast

Deep cervical empty

You curl your back to me you are so sweet
Send the roots further away on the pier


            for Theron

Dreams in fast forward a dream looking one way
Stinks up the peace on foot and then
Presents shoes in heaven and horses from stock
Then we beat to peace where last
I am a pile of peace
You are the sword
You make a sensible swollen need
Your mouth and I diminished


Steam over Spoon
            for Rachel

And car
Mountains in the world
My stomach cheats lava cake blue
Blue new phone number will find
Bundled up phone baby
Spoons send in birthday cake for

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