Monday, October 29, 2012

2 poems || Edward Nichols


        The whole of the payload was this,don't drop no bombs and there won't be any.The normal speed was mach one mach two mach three
(Just don't mach me.). 
         So the triumpharites ran up the flag pole, and then, back down it again. Then, it's once around the track,and,the old high and low.
 Every one running around in a travesty of justice and old glory 
hanging in the balance. It wasn't long before the machine hackers
were aligned with the alignment  and a stalemate.There were RR
flashing lights reiterating their fervent pattern.
          Dr.Dent-A one and a two and a three and a four.
          Wagner-A stalemate a pawn, and Stravinski.
           Dr.Dent-I could afford quite a bit you know,and I'm the blow 
           Wagner- Realizing the importance of tea-time, I just set the
clock up an hour.
           Dr.Dent-And fly away old glory,I'll fly away.
           Wagner- Over the great incandescent spatial field frequencie
and all relevant terrain.

Grotesque Burlesque

            When superficiality and metaphysicality transcend one another then you have something indeed.(Tired dumpsey resorts thepickled avocado.Tin blanks rejuked the iosphere of thecleric.Monoatheism played a dedantic part in the moth suite,bluegills).,of the trigliterate testimony.
           I've set up a whole squandering tirade of hypotheticale contexts.The pruent disorder of the cantos' left the pulse quotient a smile. Nonalgorhyme and the meters stay constant,I've got a new order,stare.
          He innstigated the apathy corner and let a missile misfire.Corrugated bluebirds, he yalled,I've a factual offence.He doubled his breastplated memoranda for the urtheran conflict and ran the wartcreme down on the farm.
           He's instigating more things than a blunderbuss has got yonder.
               ---I'll tripletoe that quotient and leave you ten.
               ---Three would be quit alright.
               ---And leave it at that,say, Ive got a suggestion.
               ---Well,out with it man.
               ---Just this,suppose the trilleydots are reamplified in plain view. For you see the moronic calamity clause is an outstanding text on the Flabbergastedness of the sum all.Were I actually wishing upon a star,I might say belly-up on the plain view,but,as history goes ,it's a
distorted channel -Lock,stock, and barrel.No gregarious overdrive will
push the instigation of nomadic norms henceforth and so on.

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