Tuesday, October 16, 2012

novel excerpt || John Pursch

Bedouin Ergo

World lag settles into her musical mind, subtly touring bone meal, taking the sixth sauce for ladled hot-rod catacomb musings, leaving her wobbling down chary cuspidors of fluent peace.

“Knobbly emblem odor, mein pilloried pole axe,” she groans, slipping into sawmill trampers, booties of mere camphor sycamore.

“Blech to Bedouin ergo,” Bahama beckons, gilding Lola’s lisle, folding back to slumber. “Setting lock locality for prescient haze, perspicacious suture phase, aspirated topical,” he continues, tapping air, virtually pro forma, chesty lateral her unto sheep-counting bleats.

“Tranqs a bullion, cubits of lumbago weighing swoon, hep und toroidal,” she smiles, enchanted by the lag wave, falling through half-grav, twirling in a hail of gypsum chips, dissolving to respired sleet.

Thinking shuts the chamber, auto-timed for lagless slick, stuttered for Lola’s neural type. Floating across the cabin, Bahama regains context on approximate gleaning channels, countably finite attention, reveling in symbols. He’ll phase here for two stasis hours, auto-mapped to ship drift. Bots contain plotted curs, set naughtily, shed ontology arise. Mainly whiling conchy noose, he drinks symptomatic ledge bolides, keeling place water’s rusty shovel citation. Mucho piloting is punted Thessaly, graven the nervous lime tags und tele-gravitic offhand acts, twitch the operand’s slowly checkered, gradually fending on slipstream’s reference highs.

Maundered well, Lola lifts long in tertiary vineless wander, merging with all shipped states, pace by spatial grace, slowly entrusted to reverential frames, worked to tubular subcortical fleece. Etched expatriates feel the loss of logging differentially, fewer still can haven remonstrate et al hefty ward, bet umpty one aggrieved the transit’s upper stance. Libation’s fuel respect is so adroitly duly ferried, tied to every cooking nanny’s unimaginable torrent.

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