Sunday, May 1, 2016

poem || Brandon Theis

the voice of asthma (ambrosia nystagmus)

ambrosia nystagmus dandies folded by bolder trust-by-lust chance prairie's stage (vital: visual fluency skew)
sways by days' gone dry, climb chimes-in and slips the tombstone (a rough cut, dust really) 
shimmery woe-be-goat nurturers, flirty dirt herder swarming moat-fog-boat (a spacecraft tidal warble)
plausible piranha rye, drifting embers lighting the nights' time by sky fire (a falsetto of star waste) 
factual datum graces rigid grid like traces, anthropomorphic cache grabbing a tension (threads of the human mind) 
lasso lapsed gripper click sloth locking, caught-by-trough, greed bleeders knock-kneed twitter readers (flee-the-fleecer)
free demand force slacked-by-harassment, the fomented oceans of canny valley underwriters (sad faced ambiguity, diet of darkness) 
stun gun of nothingness, never-the-less science folly; lumbering and unlimber loitering in the habitable zone (time spawning corpus creator) 
unit finite stout trite trilobite kilo strife, shrieking marauders paraded-by-fates of fictions. vent trill quest (the voice of asthma) 
forked-by-frequency, shrill thrilling in the momentum of a bending and unmovable gravitas (fortunes of fun, the excuse for being)

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