Sunday, May 1, 2016

2 poems || John Grey


Ugly beauty whispers shilling hearts.
Accordion mothballs sprinkle sidewalk eyes.
Latent pajamas smother Corinthian hands.
Field ambulances spike magazine noses.
Transparent dimensions evoke Polaroid toes.
Firewall drunks divide theatrical testicles.
Mammoth priests devour landscape kidneys.
Chamfer fates bewitch linoleum navels.
Corrugated windshields mimic toady intestines.
Ritual police incite flamboyant mouths.
Shadow carburetors quality sacrosanct tendons.
Substitute snakes refuse salt-mine thigh-bones.

Some Things Happening

one whiff
of trailers
sudden click
will wonder

extreme realm
bacterial nape

late afternoon
sweeps forth
flannel gown

write name
on parachute
popping axis

mailbox arms
pet teenage

round in the
threaded trees
freshening warp 

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