Sunday, May 1, 2016

2 poems || Vernon Frazer

Whistling against the Dark

horizons to scan
radial curmudgeon bling
     no ampersands 
                         left to loot
     or cling
  to fortunes cookied
               as crumble

slowly down the winter drainpipe 

     icicle stasis
              tilling the waterfront

a field         built
           to come

whenever the going stays home


sunning distended river plans
run current till the vision’s end

     necklace breeds
          pursue the sand
               and come up dry

as the running tides over the bank
too failed
to hide the riding
   a     subterfuge
wilted       camouflage

shading the open frenzy


every distance closes at dusk
no membranes past the gate

     a formation withheld into time
          as tidings fan across the detritus
              waving their semaphore in rebuke

while clinging 
                    to the bleeding whistle 
                                                         before twilight


                        an encore


Lounge Lizard Declining at the Beach

shattering vectors 
the indication floe reprieves
    magical velvet 

     calling when groin thinkers 
     foregrounding abdominal radar rustled

a costly retina 
for receding probabilities 
           breath reflexes 

     rendered long tearaway ruse 

in lizard theocracy
capturing a transforming blink: 



nostalgia heavyweight
elation a suburban straining weapon 

     easy foreground turned daydream 
     all retinue cashing        
               weapon barkers 

          (renaissance veneer) 

               sensual linchpin tapestry calling 


thoroughfare diversion a musical
its lachrymose oxcarts appealed 
to skill 
   clobbers its disquiets 
             redeeming fish

     the baffling dockets taper legend 
     or revel over unpaid terminology 

          no appeal 
          transforming its live diversion 

stopover shattering the seahorse marrows

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