Sunday, May 1, 2016

3 poems || Texas Fontanella


The preconditions already (t)here term and condition. Apply.
Render post- / Demand and supply : grotesque bodies make
exquisite corpses. (Ah been collecting, aint you?) No polis for
terminal admonition failure only option when-so-framed; shoot
all you like, aint nobody gun hear you grunt. Brunt. E[n]d.  

ice skates

It’s not the heed it’s the hum
our  less ditties jitter
buggering my I’s
on a wildebeest chase mun
ted afficionados: give us a welt (!)
anschauung worth reco
lecturing on top of
u swore at us til death
do part your legs
tho     ugh       it’s casual sex
ism   or        what a homo
sapient decis you done
& made pack therefo
raging against the machia
valium plotting s of t his in
land distribu torques up
the main drag & corn
errs to he left of the mark
on site after site like dear
yadda-yadda-yadda my vi
agro advertisement still isn’t
working class & I HAVE
flesh e d ou[b]t the po[v]etry
of my ex is stance

put it where
the sunset shines on
like a lazy diamante
for the careerist of the
e queer I skid on over
the hallway wading ta
bles my sister soul

so it’s not the heed but the
hum an services jitter bugging
my I’s on a wildebeest chaise

stoking the evol in my hearth
cinders join the union in the fuel
abo’ the earth obnoxygen masques
strapped on and on and on

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