Monday, October 5, 2015

text || Charles Brandon Theis


The Sincastle AI model for behavior in which the yield UI is an ego based anthropomorphic model of prism binders. Containers aside, the first prism is described as 'shell operator' which is actually slang for 'skull-to-heel biosuit ID synchronization programmer.'

The second prism contains modes: silence harmony noise & saturation, with an orchestration module for the flow organizer.

The third prism is the sustainable body, air, food, safety, shelter. This core provides all the energy for maintaining the human appearance routine.

The fourth prism is the flow of everything and the ability to move. Some say there is magic at the extremes.

The metaFour sinCaste9000xl also offers a plug-in system for any biosuit, with autostart virtual remote over n-many licensed clientwares.

Be your whole team today!

MetaSeven was the military version. Sixth and seventh senses gave the onboard 'grAIce' unknowable learning capacities.

The rumor is: seven MetaSeven units had linked and solved time travel in the first milliseconds of the boot up process and the whole batch vanished. Some say they became samurai.

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