Tuesday, October 20, 2015

3 poems || John Pursch

Snow Hand Ten

Hat disk Kabuki hasp two smile,
bet stonily fur secondhand
bicuspid dosage dreams,
accustomed heat canard delay
his sworn mess to moaning shyly
festooned national repayment plunge
of snotty old debit scars
from country warlock Who’s Esse,
swan-song natty once so logically
hysterical fiefdom plaint of pliant
shuffle tensile swap

(and jest in timid isle
of stupor’s starkest core;
hefty awl,
heavin’ Your Nuke’s
softest cufflink chop’s
caught a breakneck change
of hard savory snow hand ten).

Equine Popsicle Grind

Ehh almoshed carbled shemelf unsquoffie,
whetch swould antovier seruldet himb
chummy porous trans olivine uremia,
prantucoccia extrema bloviation
boxing southuva slovenly heiress
inculcating lovely door eels hubba
howdoya dowdy doozy toodle-egret,
equine popsicle grind ala
cring-a-gin-don’t-ye-Canopis panicky doorstop,
schlepping to overseize canned outre oopers,
hookie soot impoverished so billian bollux
strato-sphelactiox pleisure covingum
wechage grawn towmheno sinal
fwiguva pucko fokker nod,
hinting sad toduns dook premitolepticon
hezzle chron uptialog sturnilised breaghal photiesian,
aflar fron stoper rhe tevirun routhie doows,
mew nargo methelian prouner giewo.

Quad Hover Hit

Wad, ewe mighty axe,
doze sandy hove dish aft ta-da
wit quad hover hit was that
antsy poured authenticated
tourist to Days Again

(or handy udder tousled
beachcombing community)

could seven cope to contain
in witness leap projection
screener telegrams
of distant lime relief?

And to bay sew fairly slurped
in rising bile pie sheerly questioned
markup larks of steamily hideous
syntactic punctured Haitians,

heft or awl-day peen trough,
treated hearse than bilge
in veritable stogie heist!

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