Monday, October 5, 2015

poem || Lawrence Upton

survive the dance


the cluttered place
not sung anywhere yet
in the administration
which doesn't crave

bullies the dead available

tales of someone else's truth

not your truth

stuff in caves
breaks out among executioners' urging
producing exact music

each sample skull dissolving

suspicion totally eradicated

science the appearance of breaking relations

nearness of naked jumping
composition borne again
demanding renewal

mention of deadly spores

on ready shores

integrity is simple
and the same yesterday
the twitch body
notes claims of proud ones
drawing faces on vast reserves
in slipperiness

technology harasses exacting saints
dragged across fields
encouraging farmers
particularly in dry areas

infinity snuggles down
eroticism nudges pictures
reason is happening in expensive suits
outbreak of energy

find it dull domestic production collapses
to produce skin contact

lucrative openings

masses of oranges

bloody expectoration
reliability but no bad feeling

don't feel impressed

passed into pleasant regularity
each one here

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