Saturday, October 10, 2015

poem || Ric Carfagna

Airport Noise


give me a fish today
and tomorrow the tide will be high

         outside the stream of consciousness
         the inconstancy of a pendulum’s swing

as such the margin determines
a limit of possibility:

                          slower traffic must keep right

         the length of this arc cannot be determined
         so the elegy will continue until sundown –


hats remain the reason
the throne must be abdicated

         yet through genetic manipulation
         a panacea invites plausible deniability

a contamination of silver spoons
can be traced through the bloodlines of lizards

         no id formalities can enter
         the equation of ideological determinism

ostensibly insignificant bodies invisible to the eye
can perturb the orbits of gas giants –


sackcloth and ashes
can redeem the fashion industry
and momentarily the water will transform the wine

at some juncture to be determined

voices collect on summer grasses
and translate to abstractions painted on canvas

            hovering at the limens
            a child of seven days
            silently contemplates the mobile

a clock projects the stains of indeterminacy
and a constancy of breath intimates surface fissures –


a philosopher determines a structure of reality
as crumbs fall from the breakfast table

          individuality is sensed as patterns of random presence
          occurring within an empty room

apertures at noon direct sunlight
and grains of sand fall into shadow

                                  soon the ball of yarn unravels

a storm is first envisioned as potential
then clouds form above a field



she died
before the elevator descended
to ground level

            predetermined formalities accept
            the fate of the nuclei’s mortality

one observing Heisenberg’s ashes cannot foretell
the changes wrought on the earthworm’s instinct

            an abstract romanticist’s reality lies
            buried in the garden

when she was a child
she remembered
a lady who brought flowers -


a crow sounds a remote sensate architecture
and a rusty fence observes traffic patterns
            there were strange lights in the sky
            then gray flowers appeared between pavement cracks

a bridge was constructed
with the intention of fording
a dimensional awareness

            semaphores at intersections
            signal the silent encroachment of sages

nightingale in the forest
and the carapace of night’s descent –


entangled particles
isolate the weather
where ladders ascend

             microbial deserts
             spawn resurrections
             of dust on lintels

the blackbird’s eye appears indistinct
through entangled trees where leaves die

            equations state:
            the visible spectrum has been taken to represent
            the entirety of infinity

vatic time inside the eggshell of winter
formulating prescient fears of death -


rational hemispheres relate to an intimate discontinuity
in a spatially conceived fabric of conception:

            the interior working of the crow’s eye
            instinctually drawn to road side entrails

                     the unseeing image the mind creates

the approach of a train conveying
a molecular displacement through silence

            the void interprets its emptiness within
            action of separation and displacement -


a third person defines a theory of presence:
as the mirror shatters on the floor

            entropy’s needling force enters the impervious rind
            initiating decay

a definition of humanity’s uniqueness
drawn from theories based in transience

            massless neutrinos retrace
            the spiral arms to a galaxy’s center

a light is seen
emanating from a body
at the moment of death


a sequence of finalities
is initiated
by pushing a button

            time removes the randomness from equations
            and from its variables

knowledge laying dormant in the stone
shall unlock the path of history

            a theory of strings
            wedded to matter’s firmament . . .
                                             (and of consciousness ?

the origin of which
cannot be determined –


the building fades from foregrounds
obscuring the architectural portico:

            now there are limits
            to how reflections
            respond to moot stimuli

all which affects consciousness
is separate   and distinct
in its nature

            the mind has necessity
            to make sense of its environment

and from distance perceived in isolation
the object ceases to exist in the mind –


the winds which vacillate a pond’s surface

            as here amid the flutter of circumstance,
            a physical world:
in the tide’s ebb
a fish lay dead

            the essence of an image
            that has been removed into the mind

a physical world:
a reliquary holding consciousness 

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