Saturday, October 31, 2015

3 poems || Sheila E. Murphy

October Ghazal (2015)

Semi squash detente rekindles furniture
one of us withholds the story of a life.

Pendulum draws dust from afar,
as docents name the kindling Harriet.

Even weeds contribute butter hues
before the neighbor children-plucks them.

Tantamount to sanctity, attention grows
another limb to add confusion.

Fast-featured blur of a majestic
wash of kindred warmth imbued with line.

from Lauds (35)

I separate the sea I breastfeed shoulders of horizons
All for thee peremptory indulgences to cover me
Along the path toward sleep your pores

Perfume my dream with pulse points
Tender aptitude’s unearthing a bereavement
Not to harbor, not to know

Earth holds island young
The seasons chill, dry winter
Ministers to living things

I try to rest near hand light skin
Taste wilderness, resume
The altitude to reach your taste

Smooth Green

attached each
whisper moves
smooth green
young wind,
pale paloverde
skin yields
slim tree
breath, vibrato-
free immersion
clean husk
tones hold
slate lanes
skinned connection
to earth’s
tame generous
net worth

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