Sunday, July 19, 2015

poem || John Pursch

Frosty Flak Spelunker

O sixth of all sensorial palladia,
bent on podiatry as a flashpoint 
for arboretum abolitionists,
felling treed nadir lovers
in sawbuck sand and anthill divergence,
prospering on tumid fallow undertows
in gill shock’s preternatural syncopation
of mottled leeward totem fisheries!

Press on to seasoned cretins,
poshly accented with codfish
stereotypes of whimsical
cartographical shims,
pinafores on staler predatory jockeys,
and switchback lozenges
for charming pavement smelters,
simpering over allotted microfiche
containers all the quizzically
contumely dry dock doggie
bingo blogospherical bayou’s
voluminous interdimensional
quartile of calligraphic
gull wing pantry ‘roids,
polled festively by haplessly
famished tinder knees.

Yessiree, bobbled pablum odium
of cantered deputies in rising steam
to sauteed clammy chump cruise fidgeters,
floating mightily down aisles to cornstarch
hamlet chop-alongs with derby swiggers
into catchy rapture’s clouded pout.

“Lookie, frozen hooky munchers,
stripping scholars of their
worthless featurette police,
tried on cue by mulish banter
queens in stopwatch lore of shiny
tomes for empress grievances galore!”
Ferocious Frosty Flak Spelunker
flogged in gam-gum-gimcrack’s
gaudy nether gearhead surgery,
chucking flesh sockets beyond
the suppurating tomb’s 
clear skin dollar bile 
of bedpan barroom variance.

“Why, dialed éclair,
my festive Frosty Flak Spelunk’,
if you dunned beggar all whatever warred
from stevedore stump to crumpet milt
to Piltdown Periscope’s perfunctory
Pop Tart of a savory pinhole attic stand-in,”
zoomed Dire Pretorian Cod,
mostly infamous of any
blown lobotic bubble spy
whence lullabies could ever
seize on interstitial chopping’s 
sexy pediatric shin-to-silo
cackling cover contest.

“Now howitzer’s android Juan
espoused to heavenly conspire
to key track of halfling humper
radiology attendants in wad con
homely be descried as hind usurped
paste of prescient and burning sagebrush,
secondhand Howayan sheets flapping
floral Prince of Scanned Witch Sighland
Hook-alike numbnuts in pints of wheezy
dream cake cherry cohabitation bliss?”
Ferocious Frosty ink wired 
slump wad outa breath.

Sturgeon lea epoch,
hay rallied slung into the knight,
suffering weed out the tuned bishopric;
sedge was his turning bezoar tune owe.

Swell, barf he it Fermi to undermine
Frosty’s blurring desiderata,
spatially graven datum he spigots
slattern partly whale.

Lad’s sea: wadded he wont against?
Whoa, chest! Crated Ollie Gee and tendons
swore his publicly abject hovering supine
hand snow heaven ewe, deer creature,
chest Fromm scamming test soggy page,
canned realize chow feudal antsy attempt
at tempting linearity to mace any regress,
slat a loan perp oar dead prawn crest,
indie phase of softly morphing lingual cons,
struck head-on at sneering lea heavenly stern.

Wheel wise hup hand
far get a boot Frosty’s plaint,
his pliant pliability, and
heavenly sputtered claimant’s
dictatorial ministrations
to the arguably fractional
cod of slinky lariat sea.

Known dime to strop,
snowed easement due bake on,
groan basker to spill nor mistletoe
to snore a pout on professionally plump
prepositional Pharisees nor scribblers
of scrapbook tumbler to slogging
muddy sooty wrappers,
pinned slowly to a swollen
ice cream sundae.

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