Sunday, July 19, 2015

poem || Jeff Harrison

Free Kittens
quavering we poetries which they
flop irreproachable that congruence
is theirs / palaces where pigments crouch

Virginia would satchel her hoof
bubbling, she is situational: "dear
receipt, I were chimeric, yours
descriptively, Virginia" 

Lord Byron, can I be one of the eaters
retyping in the ballroom, what compensations?

compensations include free kittens

bureaucracy creates we lasses
ours did dynasties, yours did naught
jolts can precondition when theirs damn

idols they have docks, mine poems
conspire? they must be exploding!
shameless? shameless had been ants
categorized 'em? categorized 'em!
poet pressurized, we rectangular up earliness

her characteristics Hegelian, her epitaphs novelistic,
Virginia's intestines be our jaguar hereafter

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