Friday, July 3, 2015

poem || John Pursch

Pentagonal Pete

The smarmy hindquarters 
headwaiter sings sultry 
rooftop eulogies for
sullied forgotten sons
once shunned
as canonical fodder,
beanbag dross,
hindered shy knee
bossa nova canister
seclusion drips of bald bug
ludicrously idiosyncratic lunacy,
smelted drowned to feed bag
occlusion monotheism,
plunked by horse-drawn
corn retardant filchers,
bubble-seamed spy screwball
corking inner sternum rodeo,
placating newer peptide swath
with stroganoff in Punic tundra set.

“Waffle at indigenous ignominy,
illusory shelf life!”
croons Pentagonal Pete,
whence the prestigious
ancestral petard
of Juan Renal Poseur,
hoot tends to be seen ass
stumpily a styrene imposter,
doughy wasp Quonset tea mossy
in cur bobblehead troll hind hull
smoocher beleaguered spurts.

“High, how some blithely aft fallen,
remorsefully shown booty shore,”
Renal hacked knowledge,
waving sworn fingers hovering
sneer sumptuous keys.

“Handy tinkle ewer whence data skink
offal tea Nerd Americon spurting lesions,
batting chimp, mossy nuns skewered,
hosted mittens,” Pentagonal affirmed.

“I, due drink awl hove eet
were lust hover hay shilly-shallying
pet on the Sin Sea Natty Dreads,
myopian steam fur mown shanty ears!”
the Poseur canned tinea,
shagging hiss shed slowly
tell hit merely fellow huff.

“Whale, heft hat’s
handy come pen say shun,
ewer steel tree guarded ass teabag blest,
numb her one offal thyme, be far
Rabies Broth,
Millicent Wheys,
Ornery Heron,
Chi Top,
Manny Stu Seal,
Parried Ponds (hash tour itch hand awl),
Wed Till Yams,
Goo Lay Rig,
Sister Hogged Opera,
Spinster Moan Ember,
Ray-Odd (mod moo tension
hand nutter sash tour hitch),
Dough Imagine O’,
Itchy Row,
Gonad Twin,
Cod Raw Who,
Borg Regret,
or sanity huff theaters tat
mired hover scum all hung hand starry-pied
and featured indie shorn feasible tufa,”
waxed Pentagonal Pete,
some wad sill o’ gesticulation’s
sleazy extremities,
sigh height gonged muddily
to well-nigh tightly shelled
public cheddar.

“Ewer two kind,
mined fallow bullpen layer,”
Renal posed, splatting snout
hay scream of burnished orange
tea pack mule whacko chaw,
spider spunky fee dancing
the ugly bug out stereo schleps,
wad’s oily leggy due topple
summed once innie sneer stupa.

Booth mints shied,
slung dare threads
from pooping shoal
deer bequeath crayoned dimples,
sigh laterally remonstrating
abbot teak hood hole dames,
swan mints war mincemeat sand Sin Gland
cruel tea severed seize handy son sat indie
vest hound swimmin’ swore tresses
und guppies parried furl heifer
canned mad tree moaners
war snot sham segues.

Hint southern swords,
tea guard hall daze,
swing ham on cooed tryst
an utter weed hiss surd off an oar,
dig nifty wash come on,
some incense war haven merely sow;
sin horde, fee bore dimes trudge
hat yeti concur twirled.

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