Friday, July 10, 2015

4 poems || Peter Ganick

new poem 7

commences then. at that point. molecule. definitives in tryst. 
collating the while. precedent none. amiss while driveway. contraption wholly bungled. 
coinciding. see what? 
they rollover trying on an implausible routine. 
scumbling. prosody’s contact. beset with grommet’s willingness. 
a somatic voiceover, breathy. in a chorus, a document, ‘a’ follows ‘b’. ach! that’s not it. is it. they are then’s some. 
swerve the route plies. cumbersome triffid waddles. naming holding imperative. 
met with high-fives. nods portals. standing in a stadium. 
compendia behave between beleaguerment. a persuasion wills nothing less. 
zero pessimist. 


new poem 8

optimum sound. encroach. non-trial offer. 
while reflection opts. mill on a some amalgam. torpor while silent. 
rain on an aperture. 
opening. seltzer. vignettes. 
plausible in overdrive so recondite. naive & similar. 
plusieurs effects switch the willing canes, blasted comatose. a signal to refrain & sort. 
so non-returnable imperious & melodramatic. 
swim through on a modifier. 
oddity’s precursor. 
announcers too spacy to continue...


new poem 9

red line. though. roughly fading. 
tunneling into where. is where. where without. 
improbable improbability. leans through dialectical promotions. 
words if defined. masks with identities. a blotted paradise widely circulated letterbox. 
behold, beholding. so marginal intreaties. 
lest oversight’s endless gameplan.


precedent mailcan. 
tuner as cleanse. 
priority over signature. emeritus. debilitation’s code-line thrown wayward. 
commensurate infinity let’s measure. a window intelligence. 
nominally co-verbal incandescence. fragments behave. dissent’s token iffy amidst scrambling. 
gone relocated. 
willing throughout a marginalization. 
complicate trembling’s ocean. define limn. white or blanketed. in the crease. 
a threadless routine has druthers before firing its throw-to, rope & snake. 
doff. slump nutshell. 
throughfare identifications wholly decenter through no fault-assignment possible. 
adamant precedents relate to same precedents as begun though indifferent indexically-hortense. 
a mending wide strange & compound. straighten up. at last promissory. 
amounts praise something awry. 
not culinary, a stretch, biases meet headless.

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  1. I like the turns that these poems demonstrate. Different type of work from Peter Ganick, and a thoughtful fusion of abstraction and concrete.