Friday, February 27, 2015

poem || Lawrence Upton

to be restrained


with her suburbs
three cities all

and turn away this

also sorry for taking a while 

you and you list the weather 
unless in convergent media areas of refuge

let us register now a return 

everything bleed or cry 

and my voice to another

our city of caves 

the sons of radio television film 
university of our own learning 
basic software networking skills 
our language of all our children
discussing the phenomenon

convergent media for the flood
loveliness dear in the land

who were the garbage

orient your enemies
head boom pure gag 
dripping spread abroad
mine car crash bid
and the name of all 
own learning
basic software 
projects of our substance
breath plucking silver sunset quills from east 
something so wonderful
clean pain
flowers renew libraries
correctly please 
with the whole earth
language of all mirrored words saturating skin

from out of our caves he suburbs

four cities in their own learning
children of some nuns i stayed with
dribbling in galilee
substance radio television film 
clutch a great altar
within the breeze
the transfigured lover a person
saturating voice in all that's commanded
convergent media world
someone going cross roads
head boom gag form 

subject cumulation
every one after the tongues in shade
forgetting mumble
melted jetstream wealth underneath
gnostic mentor
weeping bleeding statues
shriven of breath
high heels
bread dump sags lint feather petunias 
in their tongues one irreconcilable
think a city of one
other among the thousands
these are people going
to love beauty
to be restrained 
the idea of tongues in ciphers
princes of weeping

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