Saturday, February 14, 2015

3 poems || John Pursch

Same Ohnofred

Periodic flavors shuck past tarpaulins 
in tambourine fan trampling toffee, 
humbly soaping townhome stitching corridors 
with natural sin elegance, 
redacted into vulpine commonality 
and whirling verdant idiosyncratic noumena 
of baseball frenzy. 

“Chest propinquity dill satchels 
and ewers compartmentalize data 
laid cricket sidelong to enemy bygones, 
sidling culled scars betwixt 
empirical nylon polyp retraction wrists 
in curvy ballast trademark cracks!” 
wheezed Quintessential Quentin, 
Same Ohnofred’s killing snorkeler 
from quelled blond reefer mutinies 
beyond aggrieved comportment winders. 

Plugboard jockeys mesmerize 
a field hand’s moaning lorry monster 
into phlegm attraction chewing grime, 
espousing chipped coughs 
in pool hall hooky lunchbox pallor, 
stooping solely to concur with crazy corsairs 
held in mid-flight hemorrhage 
by bodily intrepid sucking fleas, 
stunned daily. 

Torn into a slanting wedge, 
hairline culture amethyst 
exposes flaws in flat falsetto diorama milt, 
flossing miniscule bicuspid tunes 
for rhythmic cello stipend benders, 
hidden more than foaming keys alloy, 
entice, or insidiously indemnify 
in twenty-lesion knowledge paste’s 
antsy hookup dwell time. 

Traitors sweeten heaps of shinnying 
prebiotic millstone choirs, 
flopping comely hugging pairs 
in heftily submerged illicit fusion.

Anhedonic Avenue

Slum times eye swan two 
winch sup mire fuel itch 
tire gyration track of trickle pan 
or amicably freckled goosey Lucy 
Kalamazoo Sea opportunistically 
topographical klaxon 
so fructified sin portent ounce 
choosily breadbasket floozy 
on loopy slain mop-up shove 
crosshatch turnip blow 
flummoxed and segmented 
trollop of Mali in Caring von Antebellar Top Quart 
Gallon o’ Noggin hind Queequeg loggin’ champion 
kept fir phlegm compendium Sartre 
which Sighland of starter’s pestle 
in morticians of chain gang ring lung 
cobble whose her flabby parting grifter 
come cruise play guppy drown inspected 
windy bare tooth on Anhedonic Avenue, 
tied aloof to cheeky loaf-handed bullion barkeep 
paramour of slippery scream conned 
west of natal elephantiasis, 
long enmeshed in nobly porn keg kin 
can tumid shins of Hessian tramcar Z’s.

Sweeping queerly unto coughed repercussions 
of cashew pickings willed to whale nose 
pinner flan reward so turnstile island smock-alike 
when quartile blemish sucking wand wristy wishing 
swelter turned stalactite ritual prestidigitation 
to monsieur ala madman Adam grin luckily posh 
asterisks cooped flipper bolide preferential nausea 
fear brawny prate of brick-a-bollocks hex 
or texting thriver into granaries eluding 
keel bereavement justice palace meat. 

Pet haul tea coffee were gonna flim flam bumper cob 
to blimp he sill pan denture hover horizon shift 
at oriental fan fusion kit shelled petulantly 
on starkest gantry sour.

Scanned Adieu

She caved in every thin monkey’s behind
from dandy joints on Queasy Sheet
quiescent spurt line lean ahead
to gleaning prowess flower-top grins
of fig ration couth in flea bubble ghetto mirth.

Earthen mirror of paltry matinees in tertiary kitsch
grafted peso salad folio to tourney swimming urn key
roaming hostage plethora from boon mean playtoy
undulation bottle web contamination train delay.

He kneaded sums where breast-high shed fur pleased him,
half her nights of handled daisies quaintly running sand
in porter mimic blaring ducts to elderly demonic bores.

Know when news claims cover cheesy riser pins
of sultry hoary valuation clicks in cropped bite swarms,
akin to Salad Veal A.K. Ten Frying Gun,
pontificating ad noon and ironic swim suit
jangle’s chin-up palpitation flesh,
swung soup fleet jot ham sea quaking?

Shun do hinge equality just quarter hefty accent,
slag year espoused table leaf ease
to rally prom chimp in forking sanctuary,
lime Snobby Quotient onto
crouch o’ Scanned Adieu in hoary stelae,
leg ma whiffer whale pone crushed corsair
hire flagellated baseboard clap.

Wind on knelt oar nude soar blimey
seven canoed tipsy gunnery glue
fer crotchety earwig ass supple ewe,
calling stalled pars to slake Ollie Cup Line
fear waddle sever Digger Tweeds coulda coffer
editorial sedition shove snort able dexterity
in sepia desk slide murmur.

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