Friday, February 20, 2015

3 poems || John Pursch


Who’da thunk that
Real-time injection
Of whitespace cormorants
On black-eyed window sills
Would shell the mystery
Of solid nougat
Online dreams
In drowsy island


Avuncular havoc
In habit-forming
Farmhand sabotage
Of thresher heart
Soiled separately
Have rendered our
Precious dusty center



Hectaborilian coramitarat pron tu embirasion
quom querulon sim smuliactiar horble fron
corbilian chorpium cendifuliaque scrob
mortianbizier svepudiat mortian whenxle,
grene scor cempian pargiom scantier greft,
crendle squaggie schiptorom ophtibantule.

Kamow sophty chemp guarfion
excrudgit plempere regulon toubie,
plephty-flenturon extuborilian wharst com
crample hyse coureliam renculajary whockle,
prenzuba ephrendious atilanski ploncky whecturon
wronky gren motuftiable chubble shourphite,
clenz palompest attendura epolinjectica
noncarboital episoloidal crontule,
zepter excee arcrontian sleypage plon
argimeniad mypter ojohf immencible gorphian
castetire promadle caperphen ardencie.

Howal sen evomer purdle arway crattle,
grimpiodisque soteque emepit essuon,
gloptie charper ensonant helmociem
gravepeth suan galler chlotage,
whed bey parallugan hemothal phrain tazo
corlian wrankidge segurian exteremiustal plarth.

Sandette, crouphop-oth gongtue thempurgal
pruntlings ingou amsure ciable braizuristmus glonphe,
toufea engroumieade souvemear cren porphien
dorsmeandle flompy du chaipi ascee,
scim haician opsingle eptian auxwitsch,
poulaibee tarimun einder suan huv hamp
quenquoitier phremounter swang porpally krund
erpson (donout balliet munchay-alle-spenchorbile)
efftipalien blurchmat atien groph tubaster.

Houkanue skiefet garrouen pharsoa
clung hapanie swandie malouchy,
smoaliephul quelgue sweirintine
phent alieter gupine cwine?

Umbilical Rain

Searing idle icicle grog
within assailant clues,
encomia in purple prefects
justify agricultural samovar messiahs
in phases of extruding hen shoulders,
schnockered on shooting stereotypes
of paginal undertow,
foveal grapevine statues in heather,
and flowing fettle’s funnel corn miscreant,
turned fallow by asexual waveforms of the night.

Sullied heft scans
eyelid dent infusion milt
for youngster crank bucolic udder dance mechanic
lollipop extraordinary nation prize concoction steam
on elevated highwaymen
of mothballed cucumber brachiation mints,
told desperately to wistful junk espousal cans
of mutilated hope.

All meets emptied plural songs
from questionnaire probation fog
down memorizing duckpin lapidary pupae
torn to dilatory cyclic planks
of sooty lusty pooch entrainment videos
in visceral malaise of moon town gazetteer cacophony
gone cloture-free to inguinal eddy mortuary bayou
tendon tambourine umbilical rain,
falling sleet chunk salt tamp breastbone chickens
into abscissa conundrum seasoning
of brothel wax monkeys
on hypodermic atrial flavor beds
in sated cheese sheet retrofit.

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