Monday, February 2, 2015

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from a wearing of light

Awakening among a solid view toward isolated memories


          to the ghost’s wandering:

my hearing wears a mask to record

unseeable breaths

                            finding way within throats

                                 and gardens tomorrow will respond in with legacy:

hankering hands
     wearing my watching around waist and waiting emblems: trust: token

shadows falling

mirror-toting death, abstracted synonyms profiling death

does law toward skin of certain __________, subtracted


Nobody worries.  Taut spectrums hide within verbatim
recollections.  My rise is maxed     was a more so
ontology of putting paper onto wounds and directing
behavior to undergo illusion.

                                             Relevance is undergoing relapse.  Judge
                                        -ment means analogies are connecting vari
                                        -ous returns, and I’ve become a problem fo
                                        -r analyzing mathematics.  Subtracting, cu
                                        -rrent-though-bored each human need is a
                                        -lways adding and insinuating need.


i remember blinking: death’s slimiest hand
     stole all

grandparents’ virtues and totality of breath

                                                                  —in the one-corner of a lefthanded house, piano stills in paused correlation    and

rhythms relax within open mouthed echoes

oscillating room to speak space                  and confirm bodies

once belonged to a genetic fluctuation


Park skeleton philosophy

beside me                                         ,
                                                          your length is

loud;    speed against struggling slow

or with an orange tongue to which my ease is erased and alert is the body
building strength across what pivots in mind and aggregated need to inhale

When realizing is a form of alternate identity

stating to a mother

           I attempt     is a privilege of     reconciling annual mistakes

     her asking to ascertain
          is akin to the rock’s inner
               belly being rolled and caressed

     by noon’s 2nd fastest moving
          honorary hand
               escaping a sole dirt

aggravation translating language to plateau at prosper

                    rather than positional insistence at negative conditioning and

proprietary devotion to forgetting the body’s ornamental faculty

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