Monday, February 2, 2015

poem || Lawrence Upton

ask crazy questions

dreamed a dream
and there is none that could declare

edgy afternoon
or finding out
really thinking

dreamed a hard swat across the next half hour

chosen to reveal to us
how it is all too late

every clean beast can understand a kick

exerting control provokes a liberal tug on the chair

and every creeping thing bunches
to ask crazy questions of abuse
and I have seen
very reasonable prices
kicking sick stupid white men
who run the air by you
a widely flared short skirt

and all the fountains pattering the very centre of the earth

propel your body across the river

bright red material
covering your wrist firmly
dragging you know what

door open

we specialise in the dry land of heaven

obedience to the great deep broken up

how can this be happening

an answer of peace
and pharaoh said unto all too late
male and tug on the greens for causing
to lose the face of the waters 

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