Monday, February 5, 2018

Mark Young - Ludovicanus does Deutsche Disney

Wink: I'm looking for scientific papers / books on Disney (especially with regard to gender / gender roles). About tips I would be very happy. : Hug:

I want my undergraduate work like writing about the representation of the female gender role, probably by a comparison of the films Sleeping Beauty & Maleficent. I wanted only to Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs & The Ice Queen - Completely unabashed write, but since my supervisor said that I should come up with a good reason why exactly the two movies. They were extremely successful & were therefore seen by many children unfortunately not enough there. As a comparison of the different representations of the characters from Sleeping Beauty might be justified better. A few books I have, however, is a bit thin.

 The work has been completed, graded and defended orally. Who wants to read time, can send me a message, I will send then a Dropboxlink to work as a PDF. :-) 
 You wrote in the short time your Diss ?! : dd 

 : Giggle: ne, as far as I am not. If the Bachelor thesis: Laughing Until Diss it is far ... 

but Warste still fast. Here is estimated to half a year for. 

 What rating would it? 

 In the note there are two numbers that are also used for programming in the computer language. ;) 

 Komische mixture. How was the Teilnotefür work. That you should but out with the report. 

 : Jump: jump: top: Congratulations and super interesting topic

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