Monday, February 12, 2018

Jim Leftwich & Steve Dalachinsky - six poems

1. they fly like heretics in the tall grass

charcoal, who bent the spinal dawn,
      snuck into the basement
  through the backyard garden,
            snakes falling like juice
on the grateful card game
             johnny says where tho are the chips
  they lie where they fall but i have found any
    werk that right or wrong don't matter
      tuned partly to new party moxy.
when hammy nixon plays harmonica,
        they fly like heretics in the tall grass
              perks of long light and antimatter
    tuned partials to the heart of the melody
              micro-waved flags in final tonality of proxy
    exploited epoxy fixed didacts hummdrummin down
                   the cotton trail
to the forgotten docks and textile mills
           (listening to Pharoah Sanders Love In Us All),
    hard-boiled barbecued flags
        on the back burner a yard-long pox
                          yet somewhere there's a place for us
   a place mat a replacement a sphinx of a different color
           the sphincter muscled tightened in protest & opposition

december 2017

2. pus

which was
    the firestorm
      car leaning
toward reverse
      the far left
       my xtra word
encapsulated dust
pus in isolated
   near endtime before
           the next war.

december 2017

3. frozen dog

media mirror
burnt rakes proposal
before the third drill
fossil business failed safe rule
trampled dog frozen safe cracker
embedded morbid letter press
behind the dynamo
closed door

december 2017

4. backpack packrat

external objects
represent the empire
effects difference to juggle
muggle-goof 1000 hours preflexed
mangled on the hoof-flux jungle
rent asunder in the underbelly archway nube
blue parkway under the thundering range bent angels
hooked the bright night hunger before the bed betrothed
led to the core the throne the light-blight cooked
asward the reckoning borrowed thrice tuppence upon a graven stone
backpack packrat
burrowed through nights
1001 nights exact count
toward the lead books glue
at the alter later than sooner
dents angles smuggled defective since prefix spirals
most fallen expo cookout man-sized popup pantaloons
subjects empire juggles prefaced jungle cube angels beneath cracked
visage juggle name tag release organ rare guillotine loop foot

december 2017

5. periwinkle hotdog

dreamboat dilettante
slant dill pickle
pickled pork riddle stump
pony hump bridle font cycle
astride the saddle/up spur gumby
periwinkle jumpsuit spar striding bird fork swill
hotdog relished the home fries raw dealt clambake
ant ream led rid lump rides sad suit cork
while the emperor halts the countdown at 1 to midnight
saliva pit
caretakers snowplow wristwatch
before radiator freeze out
hubcap tire iron lug wrench
bass strung cantilever bungalow binged caper
no longer the government of protracted speech
after the frog/horn split string scratch violins
playing a town bicycle marking the soon sunny outside
"between the clock & the bed" where resides inner piece.

december 2017 / january 2018

6. birdhouse arc plucker

arc risk
bird chatter plucker
dandelion spark plug dendrite
all night phrases come/gone
remind parking birdhouse dandy brisk
could cloud retain precip ////
hatter phase //// garlic ////
partytime gargantua

january 2018

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