Thursday, February 1, 2018

A.J. Huffman - Four Poems

1. The Mindless Newscaster

rattled on about someone seeking sanctuary,
and I thought aren’t we all seeking something?
Then flash/break (no segue here) he was off
on some poorly written (and even more poorly read)
diatribe about a maroon sedan speeding backwards
in rush hour traffic.  I so know that feeling! 
I actually laughed out loud when the video
rolled, and some microscopic box-shaped blur
criss-crossed the screen.  Who shoots this stuff
anyway? [Dramatic music pause]  Breaking
news:  the weekend weather is going to be crappy,
with a slight chance of an upgrade to barely passable
by Sunday evening.  Oh Goody!  I sigh
as the next picture shown (before commercial)
is a copper-toned sunset behind a moss-covered stone.
At least I’m not the only one rolling
nowhere fast.
Oh, a new reality show!  Suddenly my life
didn’t seem so bad after all.

2. A Word To/From My Sponsor

Get back [to]
Work bitch!  You
definitively have to write Once
Upon a Time [In Hell].  Oh, and don’t
forget to reference that mythical dog,
the Greek one with a bunch of heads. 
I know you know
the one I mean.  OMG, you can
totally do a whole series of Greek dog poems.
Or maybe dog myth poems.  Wasn’t there
one with a volcano?  Gionsomething. 
I know you know
what I’m talking about. 
It was the title of that poetry
book we read in that class
eons ago.   I understand now
what you meant about me talking
through your feelings, ferreting out the writing
points.  This completely sucks
in a ridiculous (and semi-professional-
ly productive) but fun kinda way.

3. Of Bullets

powder kegs
                to be
4. Electric Caterpillars

stretch automatronic joints, crack
non-existent knuckles in metaphoric preparation.
Insurmountable feats of gravity defiance
tackled and completed in three blinks
of lashless night-vision eyes.  They are glowing
with more than pride.

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