Monday, February 19, 2018

John Pursch - Catfish Knock-Up Negligee

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"He got enormity, doobie codfish cantilever hilltop spot, stopwatch swab a-tween a teeny atropine amorphous ageless mine, fabled mitten underpants, gimpy pool hall escapee," warbles King o' Gang-a-Ruminant, Singed Wad Phlegm in Ancient Heaven Seize to Gums and Traveling Cavalcade Wad Mossy Pie-Clam Torpedo Beak Dipsomaniacal Heterodyne Ipanema Dish Robe.

"Swaddling title, hefty doze have sewn to pocket pellet poultice!" schemata Underlying Umpty, once a lofty snow-cleft codified by groupies, croupiers, sibylline ceramic sparks, musty burning rum in fumigated scarf.

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