Wednesday, September 23, 2015

text || rob flint

Automatic: One. The object puts itself back into: (2) the way you said it, copied and used later by a figure of authority to praise feelings, but with a different group of people, who, in their quote quote unquote homestead sparse are starved of humility slash change slash the economy. Sectarian. Outward, from green: a signal to show willingness. Popularity attributed to rapid growth. Links for. The way they are tinted, or treated. Tumbled up. Side action. Earlier recording. Four. I’m: a word, used to indicate the self. Margin excised. Possession. Any aspect of: Two. Appearances. Nor is there a probable cause. (Presented by carer at earlier session). Locate lever. Harder to select. Caring intensity increases gradually. Thankful for. Two (2) Predicted by carding. No, willingly. Shamefaced. No change. Seven: the edges. Or any indication of how this should be spoken. Loud gains. Measurements of their likelihood. Abbreviation. To gift limply without feelings. Praisebatch four: The use of material taken to have meant sedition. Self-returning principles being: electricity, or praise in general, not internationalised. For (4) lined practice shows scratch carefully isolated. Dimensions variable. Isolation remains. Ease control. Automatic One.

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