Wednesday, September 23, 2015

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

a selection from configuring recollections

from 0 – X



or, Sunday phantom of explanatory unheard


an intuitive spectrum of behavior installs programmed response:

Chinese Food:

same size meal as prior participation: fried rice, egg foo young, pan fried chow mein, sweet and sour pork, . . .


                                    the meal did not become an aspect of that evening’s
                                    habitual performance:

my brother, four/or/five , not yet            winged

leapt with limited


                  over (nearly) the chained separation of park and parking lot—

his unhinged leap, a

causational circumference encircling asymmetrical weight to find
the fist of his forehead bang against the asphalt’s risen penetration—


oh, the blood was a symmetrical existence of explained
accidental injury:                        toward the emergency room and waiting hands to

stitch the wound into a subsequent reflection of triangular scar . . .

the Chinese food could wait

until the heal became clarity of fear’s teaching articulatio

without knowing

    how would my eight years
program silence into tolerating

broken rhythms, the holding of a
friendship’s yesterday version: bike

riding onto homemade ramps with

noon’s double-arms reaching into
vertical time, royal clapping at

not falling/flailing into a perfect

landing within the sidewalk’s
good hand; our riding was

a display of skilled mobility, ambulatory
notions etching a facsimile of the crows
our neighborhood wore among hours and
thinking silence—

a riddle arrived at home, my
bedroom door
opened into haze and saddened
physiognomy of parental affection:

your friend

was hit, —a driver did not see the acrobats
of his pedals moving and

when he hit the bumper of the blurred blue


         his body, a torpid         configuration
of flail and unbalanced


landed into pain, scream—

my hearing absconded—

my fear



experience, annual

concentrated to winter methodology

autumn dissipation                 winter wearing

alabaster cold
-weather clothing

. . . my family within the rented

small hand of a cabin’s dedicated simplicity

outside the hand of what kept warmth whole

we’d become moving games of mobile interactions

of architecting snowmen

with sledding onto mazes of contouring hallways


       endeavor a
timeline of intuitive discovery, fulfilled articulation

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