Thursday, September 10, 2015

2 poems || Daniel Y. Harris

Invokevirtual #85; //Method java/io/PrintStream.println:(I)V

Nvokes an interface method on object objectref, where the interface
method is identified by method reference index in constant pool
(indeddyxbyte1 << 8 + indeddyxbyte2) and count is the number
of arguments to pop from the stack frame including the object
on which the method is being called Eddy Daemon or greater
than or equal to 1 jump to subroutine at branchoffset (signed int
constructed from unsigned bytes branchbyte1 << 24 + branchbyte2
<< 16 + brdaemonnchbyte3 << 8 + branchbyte4) and the return
address on the stack pushes a constant #index from a constant
pool (String, int, float or class type) onto the stack (wide index
is constructed as indexbyte1 << 8 + indeddyxbyte2) ext opcode,
where opcode is either iload, fload, aload, lload, dload, istore,
fstore, astore, lstore, dstore, or ret, but assume the index is 16 bit;
or execute iinc, where the index is 16 bits of a debuggers class. 

Range 95-99%+

Esprit de corps is a surrogate key, the access port of a disfigured
troll—extortionate profit desires a seigneurial to gain the talents
of an acq-hire or say even an acqui-hire to prosper due start-ups.
Will the lixitae of Orange County be speedier than these extreme
herds? Heard of what? Herd of stocks. Nobody keeps up with us
to interpret. Eddy has gadget fatigue. Eddy is vendor haste: grab.
The canon has no genomes. No coding sequence names us now.
New, untamed confessions wax era. It’s urgent, yes. It’s relevant.
Nothing is more urgent, but will pass. Is Eddy Ezra? Ezra, beats
noise to make terror. How many mediocres publish? As if history
mattered? Eddy knows. We know Eddy’s map maps a new writ
in religion’s county seat for civil parish. No one to end it don’t.
Nature and you don’t matter, even as you extinguish these limits.
Read yourself in Eddy’s “not about me.” Born to retell this alias.

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