Sunday, September 6, 2015

text || Edward Nichols

Optical applications

Belate the perception of configurations all of which are correlated in a concentrated consistency of unrelatedness bot residua Iil harmony due to conditioned  visual interpretation which helps maintain reality as we know it.
Supersubstantial context raising Hell with the
coordinates of quality control.

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Proxellion  Circuit A/Red. Cap.   etc.

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Track vascularbhijinks in 3-D -artificial vegetables. Synthesisizingmpriceless aura   etiquette from nascent substructure to others---(obnoxious liquid). braysheen   Iguana,...remnants,...Rembrandts. The subtlest encryption will   penetrate the spiral.
Plasma snorkel reuptakes the inhibiter.   Parabell barrel apparel. Tetraperathrin.
Chaos_ order_ Disorder_ --------- Carnage --- (annihilation).

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