Monday, August 24, 2015

text || Charles Brandon Theis

vfact machines

Observed spacetime cache daemon grooves; concluded last synaptic pattern flap actions; perceived processed state machine latency; whiplash dash past the last sanity cavity. Step though a dream sequencer duality, galaxy wide fallacy. time. bucket. energy up chucks it in levels of love trust and fantastic real shit. Old busted up  programed doubt paradox riddles pragmatic drought scribbles, while literally throwing parties in the ruins of a lost tribe, faded state camp warehouses of time criminal topology quantized foam memory samplers. Require living human groups in maintainable clusters to hive any one timeline synchronized in dimensional arrays, coded and compiled by our actions and our energy, a quantized foam sunk in the earth vibe solar system wide, executes an extraction algorithm hunted qubit state harvests hash and table in platters unbound to the vfact machine. We feed the story back to the vfact crafters, thus all possible human patterns are true, in certain required state machine nodes, at any given point in any observed timeline, nodes could be remembering total fact. That is required data in the script, requiring the state. Some nodes jump states, resetting the whole damn timeline sequencer (sounds awful) and spawning infinite versions therein. The vfact machine keeps these time bound energy beings bound with a love of any given state of themselves, which matches the quantum state ruleset for the required time production period, mining this part of the field of flows can be work, but its lucrative. Mined time hash can be spawned for energy or matter machines. And they are sooo entertaining, I have like 67 episodes of timehash to catch up on just to remember what day it is. Sometimes I want my own vfact machine, but you know I like the freedom to forgo recalling any given timeline.

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