Monday, August 17, 2015

3 poems || John Pursch

Crumbles of Landfall
Accumulating snow
blanks out
statistical ecstasy.

Natural processes
precede decision faking.

Reefs will
choral thunder
to finally melt.

Purgation sums
incessantly arriving
sister motion on
saddled shorelines.

Diversely thrilled


Ideation charms
a hidden cartwheel.

Messianic toasters
graze on glass.

Bath salts alter
charismatic jingles.

Discursive riders
slide the bill
from beaker lip
to peaking
in serenity.

Hairy Al Satiation

The prejudicial pause line
has spilled from lasting paint
to focal skies with such a sifted fly,
asperity notwithstanding,
that punctual punctilious puncture
snorts now punctuate the night,
resounding down quirks of doggie lag,
flushing gecko percolation lumps.

Asymmetry imbues each moment
with enough time delay
for polenta cove creation mines
to scavenge an interrogated henchman’s
dirtiest palimpsest of palimony parricide,
paragliding across the Prussian porter’s
borscht estrangement cot,
glimpsing Hairy Al Satiation,
whence the Cloying Pestilential Signatory
of Slobbered Swab Overage
(hearse while Skink of Chimp Oeuvre Hall’s
Fastidiously Festooned Servomotor Praxis).

Fortunately, periodic entanglement
flipped a spun statue in camping
olio hilltop mausoleums
of marbled periwinkle clues,
giving deeply pensive maniacs
summed postage.

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