Wednesday, August 5, 2015

poem || Edward Nichols

Laughing Stock

Crow talk alternated with correspondence with its correspondonding spirit. Omnipotent powers polish the sumptuous dictorialspathways of sordid assumptions. Acropolis cogentis. Fraudelent anatomies strike ventriliquisam the Aleister Crowley shared as the comatose release the octagonal remembrance of super-structures coordinating at conjunctions free style activists conclude reductionalism of an octave conditioning at judgemental comparison.
Wanton soliloquays meander at the crossroad of invention submissive reprisals at the turning pact with parts on both sides in the hidd en castle of I lluminati-on-on-n-n and on,...(etc,).
Intonal vaporization exhausts invokement of tidal wave lamentation transformative reactions cling rationally to the intervallic subdivision of astonishment at its long lain dormant soul- petrification,.......putrefacation.// Interruption: News- flash (Mr.Gordon) Playdo might act as an alternative to inaccessibility to actual personage..

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