Sunday, August 9, 2015

2 pomes || billy bob beamer

POMEfy i/tex twi tho ople
sl ia tuilng idyei be
foer 12, Cockrill, Cas
yea m a ed the se sciti
 rs anence fic
ther so ed the se sciti
ack colid th
sang do e 19d f con
ed the se sciti
for stuili ed the se sciti
dof in th73 ed the se sciti
hoketel yr     poisr pae
etE ep neaglabe der ed the se sciti si rotin
len ‘tin 'oan mot’


Dra!dees [na! bav rai]l beRu[at]ST] tre al xi [

 mabea]t, rel guas [us ic, s]le ic, [sle [p] mus p[

ing, m]si c,]at io nued mia [ont mus mei [nu, re]l

axi[c, uRe],ing m[i[e, i[iusk]i hei, sta]lc, hom

kudy mu siew c, stud ork mus iy, nic, mu[spir

]i]]al mu[s fo ro st[us]ic g, mus id[]y inc f[or lt

] g, ba ue ca s,]r’nin[k]gr o[und

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