Friday, November 14, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

Miracle narratives of Saint Walpurga


observe the refuge
heard among white keys of increasing chaos

weeks later
business is in the dense impossible
that knows in all inadequate information
how to perform

animals change
a love of being
from book voices

crack consequence
menace authority
or connect to death

asleep in all things

dappled floors
make dense and multiply

a precarious situation

slowly the roughest imbecility
the first bliss of sufficient prosperity

limbic abundance
now is flux
imaginary music
electrical howling
the centre increases
the centre always increases
a propos hastiness
inarticulate spanning
moving within and throughout organisation
a landscape enjoyed
because of error

inadequate tongues flicker over caricature animation
hereafter the pomp pumps
resist escape if not impossible

entropy should be forgotten
all affect black leather
creaming decision in surprise

your gathering is the inhumation
stick out gravity towards a broader sky asleep
stupendous imbecility occurring to power voices

heaven blows on

inarticulates name cashiers
awl to their juncture
scents a sonata of the world

it is claimed by faux pas
about the paragraph there

there seemed
always increases

the river spreads out
design information about a generous man

mirror joy
scrape haughtiness
transport seascape

aspects into the phantasm
ennui knack
the inhumation
pewter taste
dialogue no fun
it was expedient
and everyone is a me
and not impossible
that kind which cobbles a paragraph or depiction
strict insert
they are the dark the winter
qualitatively different ingrate digests
unmatched profits outline

numerous stupendous architect
more than good enough
should be stage whispered
the first in an outlook of puddles the dead rise contorted
birds talk
type location
real fingers the film
we bud genius
conning bare experience psyche
digit dash brilliance
dislocate quaint donor
blend reference
barren exposure
grasp integer
see their qualities
construct a star
in unity they observe

or make war with associations voices
kaleidoscopic remittal to conformation of power shift
network consequence of flash tidings and not a dance becoming music

two approaches can drivel alone
 an inaccessible corner
a mocking emaciation to each voice takes a comet
 the late also happy to mechanisms of his neck is a sense of treasure
built up for shadow places where you can be pulped
he eating a fiasco control sauce on sentence
moving within
illuminated by poetry

the river spreads
only at last becomes misreading
clever demeanour must cease
only an outlook of earth
for two
or more voices
but words between paragraph marks

out the cackle
points to score the individual assemblage
design information
expression in scribbled marginalia cost factored
ignorance is asleep in the dogmatist
and you're out of feeling

sip out the minute lives
life subsistence
survival imitation is set up at the name cashier

ideal themes emphasise animation
orderly drivel
irritant equal to denial

a pretty unbearable pause

always increases when in the winter palace
the latest theoretical trappings
would be adaptab to death
bullet proof and prissy
the museum of poetry there seemed always
we hold to our individual assemblies

who can see their own decisions?
know a being
a film
discrete proclamation

grass grand
boulevard roar
great route
embryo flair
excellent channel shout
lofty highway thunder
bare experience
the box end of young poets
control a cess
it was late
hair clip falling slowly
achieve efficiency the rider screams
the animals and the full stop
the latter occurring with the physical world
it was okay
hold back to see
in the winter we have met him
when a being's import is remarkable to error
remote figure even if it isn't running
yes indeed
practical philosophy
gaudy slosh future continuing due to misinformation about that
happy to leave
a spider moving within a game
too soon have been surprised
that condition

ignorance increases
an invented wind instrument
illuminated by torchlight
an outlook of wilful foible

I'm real he says

things are better left to be more than good
adjacent to a few
fuss is asleep in memory

she is asleep
your gathering is asleep

seem to fragment
opposite form
toss discourse
hardness furthermore
banal detail finally becomes error
businesslike behaviour

in the sequence
however in an inaccessible corner
a faculty which was a vital man
though not large
his presence moved and subjects trilled among my lifelong closest friend

her limp fingers

mechanisms of flash tidings
data faces
continual distraction idiom

we receive conceptual information about the cast of the being
side dish of starvation
dead funny
all must be pulped
stage whispered
the right to be more prescriptive than happy
the aftermath of not impossible
text in all the face of restraint
command teaching
lifetime mock voices
unmatched profits outline
numerous occasions cavorting cruel distances
a confidence
your computer is asleep
in charge
an indication
don't overdo it
brainless mirror joy

eccentricity found misshapen
we do not believe

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