Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Cheese Elastic Mayhem

Knowledge paces freely
into lily pad corrosion felt,
reseeding dingy elocutionists
with finery from augured
ergonomic chambers.

Lowly caterpillars motion crowds to luge ingestion,
gobbling pink potato heap delineation myths
from teleprompter greeting scarps
of monumental steering ampules,
copulating quarterly before
control blocks house the dispossessed.

Thrusters sire potentially synergistic lopping joints,
selfsame bone enamel gum, and fixative from bailing wax,
chewing publicity cashews till quelled.

Bulking up for lackey trial
expulsion gait embellishment,
hobnail toothbrush aerosols
congeal to choleric opinion squeaks
of focal northern ginger starch,
brushed fruitlessly in byline blimp betrothal.

Influential cursive gourds
refuel at barely factual barf elusion
kitchen edge recursion swatters,
crinkling worn crinoline and smoked mushrooms
into consciousness for saddled mummy peculation wounds.

Breeders inculcate
inspired sandwich masterpiece infusion beets
with stoutly fluffed dirigible repayment knees,
sought separately in dietary stricture.

Penitentiaries unfold in two-hit endings
pent to glorified cognition safes,
propped askew by slightly troubled salamanders,
passing touchy cheese elastic mayhem in perpetuum.

Violet Duration

Bifurcating lives deflate
sedated steamship stowaways
in tumbleweed erosion sails
of tallied rattlesnakes asunder,
boomtown arrogance inured
to plunderers of joystick pretzel
Dacron oil-can segue ashtrays,
pelted with aspersions by
gentle pillowcase breath.

Wreaths rain
from gangly Ionic lye scans,
shepherding breeched slugs
from silent moth machinery
to desiccated island courtesy,
swigging bald colonic pasties.

Corks wallop fettered waistline shirkers,
hurdle shirtsleeve fiction queries,
and imitate amenable enthusiasts
in wintry sideshow hideaways
of pool-scarf broccoli breath,
elusive but effluvial in alligator snooze
suspension fridge contamination pleas
of toney scarcity and porcine shamble

Songs of eyesore miscreants
waft warily across a cursed emotive
clavicle’s encouraged dusty scream,
flattened to an addled core of adulation,
adumbration, and architectonic ambition,
skewed to scarecrow crooning shape retardant
mist in summer’s middling violet duration. 

Curfew Tuesdays

Hail, hefty sentient feuds get handy lingerie,
high will be sloped mopers,
slaked will peter sound
to pairwise laudable imagination stiffs,
and dirty sharecrop garblers will scratch
in crushed annoyance glides
to valley furor’s sheerly humbled pugilists.

Silkworm birth plummets
after card room tap hand ignition skits
respire in mellifluous cinder ovations,
withdrawing under
glockenspiel commotion cream,
kicking drizzled fiefdom comas
into meddling dance hall courier bursitis.

Clumped easels totter off
oodles of orthoscopic octagons,
hoarding orthogonal alley tees
with pied training squealers.

It was padded pea haven retreat
that finally eschewed soft unction,
defacing scuppered quibble kicks
with jostled omen tariff easement
laundry avoidance,
curdled into curfew Tuesdays.

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