Monday, November 10, 2014

4 poems || Billy Cancel

this radar is going scratch ‘n’ sniff     obtaining all
bronze makes me dopey     just winked
at a strong man     rented an apartment     oh sacred
city of threshold troubadour masher     risk taking
behavior because
nuclear stockpile on your doorstep         charlie
horse in summary gnawed the top off saved
you some for when twirl slows     
up     steady breathe silvery
glow meant    something snagged getting looped     frogs
sprung from the
mouth of the host were
a sign of
the filth inside         shall endeavor to
convince the good people of johnson & its
vicinity of this next friday when i show dressed as    
a leopard to receive my garbage
plate then shake my
fist at a sky full of

soon he’ll be as thin as a straw     means i’m
coasting     sample process test report day in
the sun     this plastic bag craves function     won’t
admit     as part of the audition     i chew food &
connect     poem is loading performance is
disposal         once upon a time experienced advanced
electrical noise dream big misdiagnosis     didn’t want
a doctor just walked in     considered express going
local good times gone     lord of the generator
hum i saw dawn break above thee     & the haircut above
me did align with the interview in the west         but to   
my autumn counterpart thunderstorms     shall be less
concern he’ll stagger about cold wet meadows until
brown green all set for this
inclemency         lays waste to my set-up harsh
olympian forbids me keep any animals
reptiles insect or bird this soft step extortion     a’int
lower level fault find
     have established a

presence as meandering subordinate     after being
caught deliberately inhaling content with some fish clerk’s kid

winter spent tag level    quit music hall sly
crew     became reverend quack help     went
front line angel side    chased big tops to
shadow hawk     ran past a mannequin’s
arm at 5am     hit pear orchard too late     got
engaged to some carnie married a kid     best
man maid of honor     were horse with grotesque
rider boy removing thorn from foot     snakes fell from
swamp branches all ablaze entangled     honky tonks
bars either or    same
mesh that did     for border city urchins did
for smoldering thor     couldn’t drink walked
all night at god’s shoulder
         my elongated tail culminates
in a 2nd head so i swipe military equipment stick

it in the ground         together we’ll build a radio drive
up the eastern seaboard
until weary thoughts subside
something expecting lamination    
will start
to clot    

no blue devils nasty jar here
at energy harvest cocktail

hour just milk proof celestials
their stream lined atomic
blues mean it’s time to
dislodge from port take a
cat walk through alternative
fits of brightness         in aftermarket
town you might get semi-classical with
a shadow tree mechanic perhaps just
beat the shit out of some transient cherub i
can’t call it 
       star dust innovation equates

to salt ‘n’ pepper upon beast mode subsidiary without
a hint of entering alert mode who
knew? some garment district
copperhead is
beckoning from
a window of the palace of the
republic no
punch line

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